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When it comes to block paving, there is 3 different main types of block paving. There is standard block paving, permeable paving and Tegula paving. They are generally available in a wide variety of colours with permeable paving available in the same shape as Tegula and block paving.

Block Paving

The dimensions of block paving is 200 x 100 with options available for either a 50mm, 60mm or 80mm depth. The 80mm depth would normally be only used for main roadways. The 50mm variety is the most common type which is used for driveways. For driveways that will be sustaining a heavy constant load or turning from heavy goods vehicles, we recommend 60mm.

Block paving is laid on a base of river washed sand which is screeded to ensure a very even finish with falls set to direct the water off the driveway to whichever type of drainage system has been setup for the driveway.


Tegula Paving

This type of paving is 120mm x 160mm with a mix up of the sizes to allow variation in the laying pattern. Generally referred to as large, medium and small sized Tegula, the most common pattern for laying is using 3 different sizes which helps to create a complete staggered and random effect on the driveway. Base preparation and installation remains the same as block paving.

Another option which is very popular is using the large sized tegula and laying it in a 45 degree pattern.

Permeable Paving

This style is used where you either have heavy SUDS regulations to stop water flooding out onto the roadway / pavement or your driveway is going to be dealing with heavy water and no way of removing it from the driveway. It is available either as a Tegula style or block paving style but the installation is quite different.

Excavation requirements require a minimum of 11 inch base. The base has to be built up with a permeable base, normally Type 4 MOT, and laid on a fine stone dust. The jointing of permeable is done using a fine grit instead of the usual kiln dried sand for block paving.

Permeable paving is more expensive compared to the other choices since the depth requirements, base requirements and the permeable paving itself will all add to the price increase.

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